Counselling Services

What is Counselling?

Counselling is an environment where an individual, couple or group can disclose personal issues, problems thoughts and feelings in a safe, secure and totally confidential setting. Sometimes, we may not consider what we have to discuss is an "issue" or a "problem" but simply something that we would like to discuss with a person who is not emotionally involved with the situation. It may be you have an important decision to make and that you would like to chat the matter through with someone who will give you totally independent and unbiased feedback.

Whatever the situation, the Counsellor will listen and prompt in a non-judgmental manner with empathy and understanding, helping you to explore the issues presented. The aim of the Counsellor is to work with you with a view to coping with issues, decision making, relationships, thoughts and feelings that may be causing concern. Put simply, a Counsellor helps you work through a problem rather than treating it as a symptom.

Counsellors will always handle sensitive information with great care. In order for a counsellor to work with you on your issues he/she aims to establish an atmosphere of honesty, openness and mutual respect.

A Counsellor will ensure that your privacy is respected and will endeavour to create a safe and secure environment making the counselling experience more enjoyable, allowing you the opportunity to develop your own answers and coping mechanisms or come to your own decision to the problems and issues presented.

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